BLUE & 黄金的夏天

加入德州A&大学商科硕士 蓝色和金色的夏天! You're invited to experience campus life and what being an A&移动商务 Lion and part of our Pride is all about. We will be offering 奖学金 to help you pay for college! Get a head start on your college journey and start the decision process before your senior year starts.

To participate in 蓝色和金色的夏天, you'll need to:

  • 提交申请 here. 已经应用于? 那你就领先了.
  • Send your transcripts via our secure document upload tool here.
  • 注册一个蓝色和金色的夏季事件.


We invite you to return to campus with your fellow future lions to finalize the next steps, take another look at your future home away from home and get excited about the incredible fall we are planning for you. You've made it this far; we're here to cheer you on


  • Tour your residence hall and meet up with your future roommates.
  • Meet professors from your future academic college.
  • 给蓝军准备好装备 & 黄金星期三.

For more information, please get in touch with us at: (电子邮件保护)


嗨,高三学生们. 我们迫不及待地想听到你的咆哮!

Stay tuned for our next scheduled 鬃毛事件.

At 鬃毛事件, our showcase provides a glimpse into the university experience. While here, you'll tour our Morris Recreation Center, residence halls and academic buildings. 与在读学生见面, faculty and staff as you discover the degree program that is perfect for you. Get your questions answered about financial aid, 奖学金, 荣誉项目, 注册步骤, 住在校园里等等!

For more information, please get in touch with the Office of 本科 招生 at Campus访问




你可以探索我们壮观的设施, 包括学术建筑 and 学生中心 在您访问期间. 你也可以遇到A&移动商务 students and learn about the numerous opportunities that await you. 平日校园参观包括:

  • 90分钟徒步游
  • 平日上午9:30营业.m. 下午1:30.m.
  • Led by Lion Ambassadors – current students who share their experiences about A&移动商务 and provide information to help you make your college decision.
  • 星期六有限旅行团.

需要提前注册. 在你安排好你的拜访之后, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details, including directions to campus and parking information.


A&移动商务自豪地提供 达拉斯现场参观 准一年级学生, 转移, and graduate students interested in learning about our University.

The Campus 访问 experience includes an admissions presentation over A&移动商务, a 15-minute guided walking tour of the 达拉斯 site covering our academic departments and student engagement opportunities. 完成预订后, a confirmation email will be sent with additional details, including directions to the site and parking information.

If you have questions about our campus visit experience or need to request ADA accommodations, 请与校园访问联系 (电子邮件保护).


We are glad to know you are interested in visiting 皇冠体育365赌博&M University-商务! Planning any group field trip has its unique challenges. We are here to help you plan a visit that rewards you with an excellent experience on our campus.

需要提前登记. We offer different tour packages designed to meet the needs of middle school, 高中, 大学年龄段的人群. 只提供团体参观 星期二至星期五 整个秋季和春季学期. Depending on the tour package you choose, your start time will vary. 定期团体参观限于 50个参与者. You can make special arrangements for groups as large as 75 participants. Still, please remember that some 活动 and resources will not be available due to space limitations and staffing. To ensure your group's best possible experience, we ask that you make any visit requests 至少提前四个星期.

Note: You must receive email confirmation after you fill out and sign the visit contract to reserve a time. If you don't get this confirmation, kindly reach out to us at (电子邮件保护).

餐厅 服务 in Sam Rayburn Student Center

重要提示: Group tour visitors must make prior arrangements to eat lunch in the cafeteria. Lunch arrangements are made during the registration process and must be made directly with Sodexo by the visiting group organizer.

Our 餐厅 hall in the Sam Rayburn Student Center can provide lunch arrangements for your visit. If your group is not interested in having lunch on campus through Sam Rayburn Student Center dining services, please feel free to bring sack lunches or eat off campus. If you have additional questions or concerns, please get in touch with us at (电子邮件保护).

To reserve your group tour, please email us at (电子邮件保护)!

Admission 访问 Campus :: 帮助提示 :: ALL Undergrad and 研究生



我们致力于提供我们的服务, 项目, 活动, education and employment accessible to individuals with disabilities.

要求ADA提供便利, please communicate your needs two days prior to your visit by emailing us at (电子邮件保护).


If you plan to visit the McDowell Administration building, you can park for 30 minutes in front of the building. 如果你能多待一会儿, go by the cashier’s window just inside the front entrance of the McDowell Administration building for a complimentary visitor’s 许可证.

Texas Senate Bill 11 许可证s concealed carry of firearms in 皇冠体育365赌博&M University-商务 buildings only to persons who have been issued and are in possession of a Texas license-to-carry 许可证. 根据pc 46.035和A&移动商务规则34.06.02.r1, 许可证 holders may not carry in restricted locations. Please observe the temporary building and venue signage to comply with state law. Report violations to the University Police Department at 903.886.5868 or 911. 查看程序 在校园里隐藏携带手枪.